Where do you invest your money ? List of the 10 best investment-promoting countries

Where do you invest your money

 List of the 10 best investment-promoting countries

Some fear entering the investment field, either for fear of heavy financial losses, or because there is little information about suitable investment options. Some prefer safety in saving than the risky profit opportunity and market fluctuations, and I am here not to convince you of the importance of investment but to share with you an important question raised by:

"How many people have you known and become rich by investing in savings accounts?" Robert J. Allen

Investment factors

Investing is a trump card for everyone. On the one hand, it helps revitalize the societies ’economy, and on the other hand, it helps increase the investor’s capital. Despite the risks that surround the investment sector in general, only one profit from it is able to compensate for many of the other losses. Therefore, countries find that they are racing to create their investment climate in various ways, and they see businessmen competing to win such opportunities.

The political climate

The political climate plays an important role in encouraging businessmen to invest. The more stable the political environment, the more committed to the application of the law, and the lower its indicators on corruption lists, the more promising a free economic climate capable of growth and prosperity.

Administrative procedures

Another important factor influencing administrative action is the creation of an investment climate

Facilitating the export process

The period of time that permits need to exit

Interest rate on loans

Procedures for transfer of ownership and exit of money to other countries

All of that together has a big role in whether or not the owner of the money decides to invest in that country.


Besides political and administrative factors, infrastructure is the cornerstone of any project. Who is the investor who will burn his money in an environment that does not meet the minimum requirements for living, such as electricity, water, means of communication, and transportation?

The availability of these previous elements does not mean that the climate must be made available for investment immediately. Rather, the state must provide appropriate prices that correspond to the value given by these services at the beginning. Then it provides the markets, banks, and human competencies that an investor will need to operate his project and manage it.

legal procedures

One of the most important factors that should be available in countries that encourage investment is legal stability, the investor cannot feel comfortable in light of continuous changes in the laws governing investment, or the existence of some regulations that collide / contradict each other.

The legal environment for investment must be consistent and coherent, so that legal measures become easy to take at any time.

The countries most encouraging investment

The World Bank recently issued a report that included the countries most encouraging to invest, as the report based its results on the factors mentioned above that these countries succeeded in applying, to obtain an ideal investment climate as follows:


The Philippines is the first global country to encourage investment, as the economy of its citizens is very high, given that the Filipinos living abroad send a lot of money back home. Its tax system also features many facilities that help business start their own projects there easily.


Alongside its scenic landscapes, Indonesia is famous for its encouraging investment climate, where businessmen can benefit from a huge population market of 216 million people, along with concessional tax procedures and a skilled workforce in manufacturing, as Indonesia is famous for being a major source of both oil, cocoa and natural gas.


Poland has a population of 37.9 million, and its economy is the largest in Central Europe, with purchasing power per capita equaling $ 27,690.


The residents of the state of Malaysia are distinguished by their higher than average incomes, with a GDP per capita of 27,292 dollars, which allows businessmen to create many projects that suit the purchasing power of the citizen easily and easily.


Singapore is a country with a low population, with a population of 6.5 million, this number Singapore has managed to turn into a strength for its benefit. The skill of the population in industrialization, and their efficiency in production helped them reduce unemployment rates and increase per capita income for ratios High.


Australia ranked sixth in the investment-promoting countries, with a population of 24 million, and a gross domestic product of $ 1.2 trillion.


Spain has a population of 46.4 million, with population employment combined with concessional tax procedures and an important tourist location, creating together attractive attractions for every businessman.


Thailand is not only a huge market with 68.9 million people, but also accommodates many different nationalities and cultures from all countries of the world as an attractive tourist destination ..


India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population, with a population of 1,28 billion people. India has been able to exploit this human power in a strict economic system that has helped it to become one of the fastest growing countries in the world, with a GDP The state has $ 2.3 trillion.

Sultanate of Oman

The World Bank list was not free of the existence of an Arab country, as the Sultanate of Oman was able to reserve a place among the most encouraging countries for investment, and this is due to the Sultanate of Oman diversifying its commercial activities without total dependence on oil, and this helped it bring the GDP to 66. 3 billion dollars.