Wealth industry in times of crisis ... successful investment in the Corona era

Wealth industry in times of crisis ... successful investment in the Corona era

Economic crises may ravage more than one economy in the world, and markets may be subjected to successive shocks, there are those who can see investment opportunities and seize them, and there are some individuals who are proficient in investing in difficult economic conditions

 and can create opportunities even in the most difficult crises. It is recognized that capital is cowardly in nature, or as it is described. It may be cowardly in times of economic crisis in particular. Perhaps this is what drives many to the following question: How can we invest our money in an atmosphere of economic recession that might engulf the world due to the Corona crisis?

The history of the rich and the wealthy in the world indicates that there is an economic base from which many have raised a lot of money,

and the rule says that in times crises provide the best opportunities for making wealth, but some people have become afraid to rely on this theory these days for many factors, especially the unprecedented nature 

The crises that many countries are going through may be sudden and unpredictable and may take many times to confront them and find solutions to them whatever the nature of those crises,

 but there are those who respond to those fears and confirm that the success of this rule is conditional on how to seize the major opportunities that these crises may offer in a way . In times of crisis, 

the prices of investment assets often decrease or stabilize and other assets rise, and amid this wave of fluctuations, investors prefer to maintain cash liquidity to face any potential risks or severe deterioration in the prevailing conditions, 

and investment strategies in times of crisis usually exploit the rule that cash liquidity or Cache is owned, 

so it is possible to use this property to seize investment opportunities that enjoy a lucrative return once this crisis ends, or so say the owners of investment theory in difficult economic conditions.