Roman civilization is one of the greatest civilizations of Europe

Roman civilization is one of the greatest civilizations of Europe 

Empire Romanian is a term called the stage that followed the Republic of Romania , which ruled Rome, it is the development of the rule of political Rome, has been marked by the stage of judgment of the Imperial Rome in that period governing authoritarian, it was behind the rule of the Imperial 500 years from the ruling Republican Rome (510 BC . AD - century the first Before Christmas ) , who had had twice because of the conflict between Gaius Marius and Sulla and war civil of Julius Caesar against Pompey, is not a history of specific shows transition of Rome from Republic to Empire, but can be considered as the beginning of the empire Romanian from the beginning of the appointment of Julius Qaasir dictator always to Rome in 44 BC . M, in the stage , which won the Ooctavien heir of Julius Caesar in the Battle of Actium (32 September 31 before Christmas ) , as well as the granting of the Council of the Senate Roman phrases deification of Ooctavien phrases deification and the label ( August Great ) in (16 June 27 BC . M ). 

Definition of Roman civilization 

Roman civilization in English Ancient Rome , Is a civilization originated from the community agricultural small began in the semi - island Italian in the century the ninth before Christmas , to that became the capital of great extended its control over most of the country 's sea white Mediterranean .. 

Roman history and civilization 

Roman civilization is considered one of the greatest civilizations in Europe after the Greek civilization . Not known historians how and when the Rome . But it was simplifying its control on all semi - island of Italy , south of what is known now to Florence , and was it in 275 BC . M During the centuries , the following enables the Romans to build an empire stretched to what is known now in Spain even south of Asia , across the coast of North Africa and been incorporated as after all the rest of Europe to their empire . It has merged the culture of Greek 

Roman law and civilization 

The Romans the people of Rome antique, Osso empire conquered most countries of the sea white Mediterranean and Europe , Western until its downfall in 476 AD and was the language is Latin . And have known not to appreciate the value of the work as they did Ancefoa workers and classes subjugated to her like slaves , and the poor and peasants , and did not give them their rights and freedoms for fear of revolution on them and on their property and their power , and with it has been known for these Khedara flourish economic and physical and so thanks to the CD toilers of the class poor . 

Roman civilization in the Provincial State of Africa , this name was given to the Tunisian countries and part of Algeria . How did the Romans control the area ? 

Competition Roman Carthaginian around the basin west of the Mediterranean led them to clash militarily in the wars of three known wars Punic between Carthage and Rome broke the first year 264 then to 241 m s and which Suhat war Sicily The second and which was named the Sea of Hannibal Vamtdt between 219 and 201 then to end this The struggle to destroy and burn Carthage during the Third War , 149-146 Qom .

 After that there were many attempts to re - reconstruction of Carthage but failed for reasons different most important attempt Caius Qracos and attempt to Julius Caesar but his assassination case without the completion of his project . 27 B.C. Aquitinos, son of Julius Caesar, adoptive and founder of the imperial system , decides to rebuild Carthage ( Aquatinos, nicknamed Augustus, the first Roman emperor ).

 After the completion of construction became Carthage , capital of the state of the Romanian New , which was named Africa Albroonsalih and which was extended to the entire country , the Tunisian current and Khze of eastern Algeria . Flourished in the region during the Covenant Roman at all levels , from that residential door is Tunisian contained during the Covenant Roman on more than 200 city with all its landmarks Alrromanah known and of these e cities recall Adavhale Carthage Hdromtom ( Sousse ) Neapolis ( Nabeul ) , yearning ( accuracy ) Mktric ( Makthar ) Sika Vineria ( CAF ) Ooana ( Oudna ) Tisdros ( Jem ) and the other of the cities that it established or re - configured on the style Roman localization armies and their families and immigrants Alataliyn .

 Distinguished from among the cities of Carthage as the capital of the state and the third city in the world Roman after Rome and Constantinople from where the size and number of the population are cleared 315 hectares and is approximately one million inhabitants in the late century , the second century AD .

Numerous and functions of the city in Africa Albrooguensalih on the lines of cities Romania from political and residential and contained among the world related to these functions from the Vorom ( arena public ) and Alkapetollym ( Temple of religion , the official state Romania ) and baths and theaters semi - circular and circular theater city Tisdros .

 Also characterized the region for other States Romanian Bazdha art mosaic that influenced in Africa Albrooguensalih School of Alexandria ( ie the adoption of cubes multiple colors ) has Ati_rt paintings mosaic in the entire cities of the state , but compete with wealthy among them in decorating tiles homes paintings mosaics and varied topics that embodied these paintings , as we find today in museums Tunisian paintings represent scenes of hunting , and the other by scenes of wrestling as well as we find paintings stand out scenes from the life everyday , scenes from agriculture and business peasant , paintings highlight the beliefs and gods .... field the second , which marked the rulers The Rommelnah is farming as it named Tunisia during the Covenant Roman ( submerged Rome ) and that the importance of production agriculture and especially the production of grain and oil olive During the century ,

 the third century took the state a chance the deterioration of the economy of Italy to commemorate the planting of trees and fruit after that wiped out after the burning of Carthage in 146 BC AD thanks to the traditions of the peasant gained since the Covenant Carthaginian and also thanks to the multiplicity of legislation and laws encouraging the employment in agriculture has become the state provides full needs of the Rome food alone and estimated exports of Carthage from grain to Rome , according to sources , the Romanian estimated 1.2 million quintals this in addition to the rest of Products and other such as oils and wines . Also in the field of thought was the state 's contribution to the enrichment of civilization Romanian Froaia Apollos not continue to enrich to today 's literature Western , and Apollos of the origin of an African .

 Ktlk in this context mention of St. Augustine , who lived between 350 and 430 AD , and which put the philosophy of Christianity influenced the thought of the Christian West until Ozmentna modern . In the field of politics and governance was the mandate of the African Albrooguetsalih also her The family Asifirah which ruled her sons Habsburg is the origin of Africa 's most famous sons Emperor ' Septimius Sorious or SEPTEME Sevar , who ruled between 193 and 211 m . 

Roman civilization , a world civilization ? 

In the travel of civilization Romanian ancient , read all of looking fundamentalist about the depth of civil and construction , and all forms of systems of political , which extends from the Republic of Plato and even the laws of Cicero , and down to the Republic of St. Alnomide or Algerian Augustine , in the city of God . 

All roads lead to Rome , because Rome is that girl ways the world 's old , so Stdl them , and so by road external paved rock white , while roads interior paved rock black , roads foreign , with Balmkhafr and security guards security , protection is the Romanian overall divided the world old into two parts one civilized civilian , and the other barbaric Burberry . 

Did not find on the surface of the ball ground , civilization baptized , Kelhoudarh Romanian , has recorded a record record right , with what more than about five ten centuries , and not the wrong big regarded as civilization Romania , the center of the world the old and the mediator , but the point of the start of the world 's modern , with all the meaning of the word , The Rome capital of the world , have gone through the stages through the centuries gone by , from the stage of kings , Valjmhoriat , down to the stage of empires which stage the last , from the pages of its history great . 

The world old and mediator , but even talk is still a prisoner of civilization Romania , it has reached civilization Romanian apogee , on despite the impression of the latter , which was drawn in the mind , stage empire last as the worst representation of the civilization of Romania , and put aside many stages of ownership , but the regulations of the Republic honored through the least of the Millennium little , Spirit militarism , which boasted by the emperors , covered on all kinds of judgment . 

From the geographical , has ruled Rome all around the world the old , and in all continents , from Britain , China and to return even Mauritania , which appear in all layers of the earth , where the drilling and exploration . From Rome we knew the king , the president , and the emperor , Czar , and even Alogustos , did not generate Bkhaldna never know the differences between those concepts accurate , as if what we do not differentiate between the blackness Almaswalgrabeb even if it flew , President is elected by the people ,,

 according to the Constitution , and the Tsar McCann has been adopted and his proposal as an electoral ownership , as Lucan son legitimate for a great Rome , while the Emperor boast strongly Askartarirth and obey his soldiers , but what his successor Alogustos was Gore Aibaa but was the greatest , from interfering in the judgment between the earth and the sky , it will be judged on behalf of the gods , and multiple forms and fancies , And it appears in the culture of mankind that it is possible We live all of us ,

 but that we die all in Ann one together .... 

The world 's globalized world today , is the world of Roman right , and the right of civilization Romanian to all the world as a whole that boast Boristocrdoah grim , saying : all paths will lead towards Rome .. 

It did not not Rome , the first pages of the book world right , but occupied the pages of the last , if I were them will remain immortal , because they Mkhanqh the world , and heiress eras of pre - history and even today this ... 

Middle Alheillensta or Byzantine , from the Assyrian and Pharaonic , and between Phoenician and Hebrew , and Mgulwbhma Arab , and the evidence is present in every place of civil contemporary , to prove that the Rome capital of the world as a whole ? ! 

It was the beginning of the ancient end of Rome from its empires , which prevailed and then perished , and being from the last pages , it has printed the East in its nature to this day , so the ruler in the East is the grandson of perhaps one of the emperors of Rome ? !