Money Secrets (6 Secrets You Don't Know About Money Will Change Your Life)

Money Secrets6 Secrets You Don't Know About Money Will Change Your Life

Money secrets is a magical and attractive phrase, but many disagree about it. Some of them believe that money secrets are merely attractive words, and some of them believe that money really has secrets, by which anyone can completely change their financial position. 

In fact, everything in our lives has a secret “if his kingdom knows it”, and those of us do not like to know the secrets of things, those distinctive things that many do not know, and which contribute fundamentally to changing our perception of things and then changing our reality! 

Maybe one day I looked for health secrets, youth secrets, or even beauty secrets. Many, many secrets are always waiting for you, if you search for them! 

But when it comes to money secrets, unfortunately the matter is completely different. Many people are afraid to approach everything related to the world of money, or they are approaching, but with great caution! 

Not only that, but they feel a bit uncomfortable about talking not just about money secrets, but about everything related to money in general! Why? 

What the financial world represents for you is not the child of the moment at all. Rather, it comes back to everything you have learned about money throughout the entire journey of your life, be it visually or acoustically. 

Do you know that or not? Have you thought about it before or not? 

Everything you watched or heard about money may push you in one of two ways that have no third: 

Either it drives you to feel a serious desire to know more about money's secrets and its secrets. 

Or it causes you to feel suspicious of him, and the desire to get away from him, or if we like the accuracy, "the fear of facing him." Have you ever felt afraid of facing money? I know very well that it seems to you to be a complicated question, a little incomprehensible. "Write it down and think about its answer later," he said. 

I am interested in studying everything related to the world of finance and business, looking at the secrets of money, and learning how to build business, I remember that since I began my journey into this exciting world, and all the beliefs that have been entrenched in my mind for many years about money have collapsed before my eyes in Moments! 

In our miserable Arab society, our minds have always been drawn to the fear of talking about everything that contains a word called “money”. To be neutral, there is an exceptionally important case in which you can talk about money however you like. 

If you are talking about money in a negative way just like: to mourn your black fortune in this life, to say that money is really evil or in a way that makes its owner evil, to talk about the rich negatively and how they have amassed their wealth in twisted ways, to mourn for each of Trying to improve his financial condition with a greedy person ... etc. 

In these cases, there is nothing wrong with you talking about money. Rather, many will assure you that you are doing well. 

Secrets you do not know about money will change your life 

Today, let me “crumble” to you those obsolete traditions and norms, which were not based on scientific foundations or facts, prepare with me to take you on a tour of the world of money secrets, through which I would like to share with you some secrets that you do not know about money, and which are sure to change Your view of money radically .... So go ahead! 

1- Money is a science that has its foundations (governed by rules and regulated by laws). 

Have you ever thought about what money is? What is that thing that you deal with all the time? Never mind that you do not deal with money, there is no one does not deal with money, but you can say I do not own it, or I only deal with a small amount of it! 

With a realistic example from within our Arab community, I will explain more about secrets of money that you may not have thought about before. We have learned since childhood that money is something that a family must acquire in order to be able to provide its basic needs. 

These needs are food and drink, tuition fees, going to the doctor, and other necessities of life. Well that's good ... so where's the breakdown in the story? Isn't it money already! You will know soon, do not rush, and continue reading. 

On the other side since childhood as well, we were heading towards the imperative of ijtihad in our studies, so that we can obtain high degrees, enabling us to enroll in the university stage "with a specialization and studying well." 

In order to be skilled in this major, you must: 

Striving to study the courses. 

She passes many tests. 

You get a good grade in the study. 

She graduated from college. 

The job search journey begins with a good salary or less (life chopper). 

Finally you get that thing called "money." 

This is what we all learned, right? Of course it is not entirely bad, but let's analyze it completely rationally away from feelings and emotions! 

From the previous example, we can conclude that obtaining money requires that you have a specific profession or specialization, 100% correct, this requires long years of study and mastery of this specialization (specialization can also be a craft). 

So if obtaining this thing called "money" requires long years of study, then there is no doubt that it is a very important thing (I think and God knows you agree with me). 

So does it make sense for you to spend more than 20 years moving from one school stage to another, in order to study a major, in order to finally get the money that is for you since childhood: 

“Something” you always deal with, but you have no idea of ​​the correct way to deal with it, something that you shouldn't talk about much, something that you must run to get in order to be able to provide for your basic needs and only! 

One of the most important secrets of money is simply that money is a science, a science such as medical science, engineering science, and astronomy, a science that has foundations that have been developed since life began on Earth, and like any science there must have been a set of rules and laws that govern it and regulate the way it works, even Achieves its goal. 

The goal of medical science, for example, is to provide a healthy life for humans, while the goal of finance science is to provide a decent life for humans. 

So this science is "science of finance" in order to donate it: you must study it and professionalize its secrets, with no certainty that studying finance will never enrich you from studying your academic, professional or professional specialization. 

Studying each other complements and supports the other, and it is indispensable for either of them in your life, that they must work together systematically in order to enhance your strength in life. 

Fortunately, the laws governing, regulating, and dealing with money today are the same as those that governed it during the reign of Babylon. Babylon is the cradle in which the basic principles of making money originated, those principles that are recognized and used today to all parts of the world. 

Therefore, I advise you to read the book of the richest man in Babylon, this book is considered one of the treasures of the financial world, it shows you the rules and laws that govern money in a very easy and interesting way, a style free of linguistic complications or academic terms, and it also contains many secrets of money. 

If you do not have enough time to read the book, then there is nothing wrong. We have prepared in the winners a comprehensive summary of this valuable book. 

2- Money is the tool to achieve the goal, not the goal 

Complementing the first secret of money secrets comes the secret that seems very intuitive, yet most people are fooled into accessing it when dealing with money. In fact, money is not and will not be the goal, but it is only a tool to achieve the goals you set. 

If you think about your life well, and think about the reasons why you are seeking money for it, you will reach an inevitable result. 

There is always another goal behind getting money from buying new clothes, through buying a beautiful home, to helping the poor, and working to develop a community. 

There is always a goal that will not be achieved unless there is a tool that you work to achieve. You must learn to separate this tool from the goal that you use to achieve it. 

Why shouldn't you make money your ultimate goal? 

Because we must have money, and learn to make it work in order to achieve our goals. Money is only a way to improve our lives and the lives of others. 

If you make this medium the ultimate goal for which you live, you will remain panting and running after it all the time, but it will turn into an obsession that owns your time and life. 

Then you will not care about the legitimacy of the methods that you use to get money, in the end you will turn into a person who owns the money, not the other way around. 

If you realize this money secrets well, you will deal with money more logically and rationally, and you will become very careful in the methods you use to obtain it. 

Then you will not use illegal methods, you will not resort to the use of any fraudulent methods, you will never deceive others in order to get money. 

So in the end you will never worry about the idea that getting more money will turn you into a bad person, evil or greedy, because you realize the truth of the purpose of his existence, and what you will only do is use it intelligently to achieve your ultimate goals. 

3- Money does not change people (money only reveals their truth). 

Those damned phrases that all of us hear all the time ... How many times have you heard it, and perhaps how many times have you personally said it? 

Money will change you for the worse, money will turn you into an evil and greedy person, be careful not to get more money, because this means that you will have to work in a dishonorable way in order to get it. 

These rich people are very greedy people, they love money so much, did you know that the rich get money from the pockets of the poor and needy? 

One of the secrets of money is that all this is nonsense, complete the reading and I will prove it to you in the next paragraph. 

I will give you a living example that meets all of us in our daily lives through a conversation between two people (X, Y), about a third person (P). 

- (Q): Look, O, PBUH has changed a lot. He has become a very bad person who does not care about those around him. The way he deals with his friends and family has changed as well. 

(PBUH): Yes, this is all thanks to the money. Did you know that he was not doing that when he was poor, and he only has a small amount of money? This, my friend, is what money always does to humans. 

This short conversation explains two things to us (illusion and truth): 

Illusion: A (p) obtaining the money suddenly transformed him from a good person to a bad person. 

Truth: (A) was a really bad person, but he didn't have the tool to help him show the bad side of it. 

(P) He would have become a person who was more interested in those around him, more affectionate and kinder in dealing with his friends and family only if this was really the nature of his character before he owned the money. 

To be a good or bad person is about what is in your heart, not what is in your pocket. PBUH's getting more money didn't change him, he just revealed his truth! 

So I strongly encourage you to think about ways to get money from now, and don't worry about money that won't change your character or your way of thinking for better or worse. 

Only you can control whether he is a good or bad person, as you mentioned in the second mystery of money, that money is only a tool, and you are the one who manages this tool. 

Some ways that can help you get more money are to find a business idea, or an idea to increase your income next to your job. 

The winners contain a variety of articles, which can help you to come up with new ideas that support your financial life, through which you can learn more about the secrets of money and wealth. 

4- Money is a double-edged sword (only you decide how to use your weapons) 

One of the secrets of money, but more precisely one of the secrets of all the tools that we use and deal with daily is a double-edged sword. 

As it is said that the use of technology is a double-edged sword, you can use it to improve and develop your life for the better, and you can also use it in a way that makes your life turn worse. 

Thus, money is also a double-edged sword, and the method of using this weapon depends on the owner’s thinking and the nature of his personality, as well as the goals he seeks to achieve through his use of money. 

If the money is used well, it will lead to good results, and if the money is used badly then surely it will lead to bad results .... The matter is so simple and logic! 

Consider getting more money for: 

Provide a decent life for you and your family. 

Provide a good education for your children. 

Contribute to supporting civil society organizations. 

Contribute to providing medical care services to those who are not able. 

Establishing projects for people with special capabilities. 

Contribute to supporting your country's economy, or at least not be a burden on it. 

There is always an endless number of goals that carry beautiful hopes and lofty principles, there is no doubt that it will make you get more money a more wonderful weapon, not only for you and your family but also for the community around you. 

Money secrets are not over yet ... We still have some work together to discover the secrets of the financial world ... Just follow me and keep reading. 

5- Money is neither destroyed nor created from scratch 

The Energy Law states that matter cannot be destroyed or created from scratch, but it can be transferred from one image to another. This law applies to money as well. Money is energy, and this energy cannot be destroyed or created from scratch. 

Have you ever woken up to find that the world no longer has any money? Of course not and will not happen, as money is a means of exchanging commodities for nothing more, starting from using stone instruments as a way to exchange these commodities and products, until using the currencies we use today and ending with the revolution of digital currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, and the annihilation of the money will be the result of the end of life itself. 

In fact, the idea that money is neither destroyed nor created from scratch completely destroys the myth that not everyone can become wealthy because the world does not contain large amounts of money that are sufficient for everyone. 

Indeed, not everyone can become wealthy, as long as they do not change their way of thinking about money, and they have not done enough to become wealthy, but not because there are not large amounts of money in the world. 

Our world contains a number of economic and commercial activities that cannot be counted, and as long as the commercial activity exists as long as there are abundant amounts of money, but it is sufficient for only those who want to obtain it. 

Secrets are always part of the facts, and the facts seem simple and uncomplicated once you decide to ignore those myths that we have experienced, and begin to search for more secrets of money and wealth. 

6- Money is not real wealth (you are your true wealth). 

This is one of the secrets of money, as long as all the self-made rich and wealthy people talked about, who started in the way of creating wealth, and accessing financial freedom from scratch, but from below zero. 

By applying the Energy Law again, we find that money cannot become true wealth. Money does not originate from nothing based on energy science, meaning that money wealth cannot make itself out of nothing, is not it? 

This explains why the rich who lost their wealth can regain those wealth again, and in many cases, create other wealth that exceeds everything they possessed. 

They lost money but they did not lose the strategies they learned in order to get it, they did not lose their mental abilities to use the resources they had used for the first time when they started on the path of making money. 

You are the real wealth! The wealth that can create additional wealth that helps her to move her life and the life of those around her to the best possible level. 

As human beings we always focus on what we have, and ignore everything we already possess, we do not know that we have many free resources that we can work to develop in order to give us more positive and richer results in the future. 

“Measure your true fortune with what you cannot lose if you lose all your money.”

Jackson Brown: - A famous American writer, author of The Book of Short Life Tips. 

Did you know that there is one factor common to all the inhabitants of the world, the way to use this factor will help you to discover if you are rich or poor with ease. Dear it is not at all about the amount of money you have in your pocket today, but rather time. 

Time is the factor common to the entire population of the world, the common factor between the rich and the poor 24 hours a day. A rich person cannot double them to 48 hours, thus outperforming another poor person. 

What about the time of the rich, and what about the time of the poor. let's see! 

What about the time of the rich? 

Filled with searching for new opportunities that enable them to achieve their goals, not only at the financial level but also at the level of the entire life, financial success is one aspect of life, not all of them. 

Filled with practical tasks that help them develop their business strategies. 

Filled with useful activities that add to their daily life a new value, such as reading and exercising. 

The time of the rich always has great value and importance for them. Time represents a real wealth for them that must be exploited in the best possible way. Based on this, the rich here are not necessarily as you think they are the owners of money. 

The rich is the person who improves the use of the resources available to him today, the rich is that person who understands well that reality is something that can be changed, the rich is the one who thinks to devote part of his time to help everyone who needs his help. 

What about the time of the poor? 

Filled with social media browsing only for talking and chatting, not for development and education, or building social relationships with successful and influential people. 

Lost to enter into discussions that do not sing or fatten by hunger, and prove that it is always right for others. 

Lost between performing routine work tasks without passion, creativity, or a desire to develop them. 

Always lacking all (free) activities that can give him a better life, such as reading and playing sports. 

The rich is a valuable commodity at the time, but the poor left him with merchandise without a price! A simple money secret, which I hope you will use from today to work for you in the best possible way. 

“When you lose wealth, nothing is lost, and when you lose health, some is lost, and when you lose yourself, everything is lost” (Billy Graham). 

We presented in today's article 6 secrets of money, these secrets constitute real facts of life on planet earth since life began on it. 

As you see the secrets of money are not impossible things that our human mind cannot imagine, and as we got from the article that if we use money well it will achieve great results to serve our goals, and that the way you use your time, capabilities and resources is what determines the shape of your future, not the amount of money you have at the time the present. 

At the conclusion of the article, what I hope most is not that you like today's article you like, or that you share it with your friends through social media sites so that you have a role in changing the community around you. Wonderful words will remain wonderful words until we turn them into more than wonderful actions. 

What I really hope is that you decide from today, you will change your way of thinking about money, do not bother with all these myths and popular examples that spread about money and the wealthy, no rational person can make his future dependent on such things! 

I know you may have found this article while searching on the Google Network with words, such as money secrets, money secrets, or secrets of the financial world, or maybe you are also a friend of the winners website. 

Either way, you are by far one of those rich people who are looking for money secrets, so they understand how to deal with it, in order to enrich their financial and personal lives. 

Go on, as long as you don't stop looking for work, you'll someday reach your goals.