10 Facts About Ancient Egyptian civilization

10 Important information about the first civilization known to humanity( the ancient civilization of Egypt )

10 Facts About Ancient Egyptian civilization

In the beginning was Egypt .. Then began the march of history 

No no exaggeration big here when we say that Egypt is the first and oldest governments on the face of the Earth, it began in the millennium sixth before Christmas , specifically in the year 5500 BC AD by effects that occur by scholars of archeology, where he began the population of Egypt , especially in the deserts and mountains of stability on the banks of the Nile and to agriculture after it was life based on hunting and capture of hundreds and even can be said before this date by about a thousand years at least . 

This march of historical entrenched in the foot began to develop severe when it began human Egyptian that the stability on the banks of the Nile and to agriculture and then start building the villages, then the spread of villages and move to the stage of building cities that were in the predominantly made up of a group of villages adjacent, and then start the appearance of regions which , which consists of a group of cities . 

When this limit began the appearance of the government and functions of the initial in keeping security and the emergence of the rulers and the emergence of a group of employees that are organizing things , people , villages and cities, in the stage of primitive to form a government . 

We moved Egypt from the provinces so we got to build two kingdoms unified from the regions north , including the so- called Kingdom of the north, and regions of the South , which met in the Kingdom of the South, then united these two kingdoms once in the year 4242 s m which is the appearance of the government and the Kingdom unified in Egypt and then separation and reunification once again and the final in 3200 s . M at the hands of the first Celk Narmer or Mina, where the first family began to rule and build the city ​​of Memphis or Memphis as the first capital of the country . 

The history and civilization of Egypt is divided into several eras 

The civilization and history of Egypt has been divided from all historians working in ancient Egyptian history into 6 major periods full of events, so what are these periods : 

Period first : It starts from the beginning of the family first and the unification of King Mina Egypt and the construction of the first government and the first army and then ruled Egypt from Dynastic second , third , fourth , fifth and sixth, including known Badhar state old , a period which built the pyramids three and many of the achievements and began the features of the civilization of Egypt , the great . 

Period , the second : It begins by virtue of the family seventh and even the family of ten, which is the stage of weakness first, where he weakened the government of Egyptian and with all aspects of civilization and disintegrate the unity of the country until the beginning of the era of state - new . 

The third period : The country once again returned to power, union and strength at the hands of the rulers of the eleventh family , which is the era of the middle state in which Egypt flourished economically and scientifically and reached great power in these two areas in particular, until it was called the era of economic prosperity . 

Period IV : It is the most difficult stages in the history of Egypt 's Pharaonic After the boom economic weakened Egypt after the end of the ruling family the second eleven and the beginning of the rule of the family third ten where he came under Egypt to occupy the long of the Hyksos Asians who conquered Egypt from the north until the middle of the country and built the capital called Avaris and remained in Egypt hundreds of years until Prince Ahmose fought them and liberated the country from them . 

Period five : a so - called in the history era glory war or the era of the empire of the Egyptian or the era of the state of modern, and this era began by virtue of King Ahmose , then the family eighteenth th and nineteenth ten twenty, which families strong amounted to Egypt in the era of these families to be the power of economic , military , scientific and technical not Instance have seized control of Egypt on many of the areas such as the Nuba and eastern Libya , Palestine and across the Levant until the parties of Iraq and the parties to Anatolia . 

Period sixth : a period , the last in the history of Egypt 's Pharaonic has been reached in which Egypt than doubled severe amount of large , where began to double the family eleventh ten and even thirty and Decayed the civilization Egyptian much until the invasion of the Persians first to Egypt and Greece , led by Alexander to end the era of the Pharaonic and begin Egypt stages new in history And civilization . 

The most important kings of ancient Egypt 

I was Egypt 's ancient with all its history long of the most important empires in history, have passed through its history , long many of the rulers who have the achievements of great like King Narmer or Mina , who united the country for the first time in the year 3200 BC AD, King Mentuhotep II , which the unification of the country once again after the collapse of unity in the era Aladtahlal I, King Soonsrt III , who has dug a canal linking the between the River Nile and the sea red and has many of the achievements of economic important, and the era of kings bones such as Ahmose and Thutmose III and Ramses II and III and they have many of the achievements of military , cultural and artistic ULC Pounds, King Akhenaten , the owner of the idea of uniting Alalhm and Tut Ankh Amon , the owner of the mask golden famous, and his tomb that whale antiques art great, as well as Queen Hatshepsut , which is of the greatest queens of Egypt . 

The Nile River was the main hub of ancient Egyptian civilization 

I was the River Nile and still has important significant in the history of Egypt, and that because it is the origin of life in Egypt with desert arid dry, I was the River Nile is why the formation of stability and civilization Egyptian ancient, and the stability of the villages and the emergence of cities and regions and thus build the kingdoms of the Egyptian and standardization . 

I've had reason to increase the rate of stability and the emergence of agriculture , trade and communication trade between villages and cities , Egyptian and stability and building the pyramids, have exploited the Egyptian River Nile better exploit and understood his wisdom and Kdsuh it and made it one Mbaudathm many due to its importance in their lives . 

What do you know about writing and hieroglyphic language ? 

The writing and language hieroglyphs of the first language that was invented by man in this region, it is a about writing and symbols of nature either for pronunciation them, they are the words of a language - based is mainly on the sounds ring, as I wrote this language on the walls of both tombs or temples and others, have The language of the Holy Egyptians continued long even ceased to exist by the end of the century AD, where diverged , including several languages , including the language of the Coptic - derived ones , which lasted much after that even ceased to exist are the other by century III AH , where overwhelmed language Arabic with the spread of Islam among the Egyptians . 

Civilization Egyptian civilization Religious 

I have characterized civilization Egyptian on as a civilization religious care and sanctify religion, and make it in the introduction before all things , but a mockery of art , architecture , astronomy and economics in his service, Valohramat temples erected because of the sanctification of the Egyptians religion, astronomy , agriculture , industry and other walks of life was religion . 

But we see the tombs of kings and staff , and even the workers are full of many of the tools that they use in their lives in their graves, and so Lanham they believe in resurrection and immortality, and here we find that civilization Egyptian was to serve religion but emerged from the cloak of reverence Egyptians to the gods of the Egyptian multiple . 

What are the most important monuments of Egyptian ancient? 

I have behind the Egyptians ancient many of the effects of the Egyptian , which has important significant in the history of humanity , such as the pyramids three in Giza , which did not discover scientists effects even to the method of construction, as well as we find the greatness of civilization Egyptian in the construction and architecture for building temples huge in Luxor and others, where they are building their temples many of each Alyhinh which they hold sacred , such as the Temple of Karnak , which is built in the reign of many of the kings and the stages of several temple monastery sea or Hatshepsut and the Temple of Ramses II and the temples of Abu Simbel and other of the temples . 

Also excelled Egyptians in the construction of obelisks many, these obelisks words about plate stone huge there by writing hieroglyphics showing the achievements of the King multi - which was built where a method was not notified by any country or civilization in time . 

But we find that the stone of Rosetta , a stone written by many of the languages of Egyptian , such as hieroglyphic and Demotic , Coptic and others are considered a summary were large for the history of Egypt 's ancient and Msdras important from the sources of history Egyptian ancient, stone Rosetta This was discovered in the year 1799 AD the time of the campaign the French to Egypt, it has been the discovery of one officer campaign in the city of Rashid was the dismantling of its symbols after that at the hands of the world 's French Champollion , who directed the world history of Egypt 's ancient of through the stone of Rosetta . 

How did the Egyptians use the country's resources to build a glorious Egyptian civilization ? 

This civilization Egyptian ancient and glorious they have many of the elements important of them exploit the resources to build the economy prosperous strong and build a civilization of scientific and technical, it has excelled Egyptians in astronomy , medicine and Aleng , architecture and the arts different , such as sculpture and building statues , painting and other of science . 

This civilization was built on several grounds , including the exploitation of the River Nile from the order to cultivate a thriving and providing crops are important , such as wheat , barley , beans , lentils , vegetables , fruit , linen and papyrus and others . 

But the Egyptians took advantage of good resources Egypt mineral in agriculture , where gold , iron , copper and turquoise and precious stones , where they founded the industry advanced very in their time , and have made all industries such as manufacturing clothing and papyrus ropes and ornaments gold industry timber and other lots . 

But they took advantage of the Nile and the seas of the Red and Mediterranean in access to areas new to get the resources and stimulate trade between them and between Egypt , such as trade with Phenicia ( Lebanon current ) to bring timber, and also continues to associate with the country 's Puntland ( Somalia ) present for the ivory and precious stones and slaves .